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Episode 1 - Welcome to OFFTHEGROUND

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Build your dream. Send it.

Welcome to OFFTHEGROUND, a broadcast system and creative collective with the mission to be the spot for creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists of any background to come for expanding, collaborating, and broadcasting their work.

OFFTHEGROUND is a tool and a space, so use it to connect, sell, and market services and products. OFFTHEGROUND is also a space for visitors to check out fresh merchandise whether it's music, apparel, or other products ahead of the times. Visitors can view the creative processes that others are going through and also view any videos that brands want to share to the public. There is a podcast section that acts as a soapbox for anyone who takes the time to construct their vision short-form or long-form. Think of it as an ongoing conversation where members can share updates about business, trends, news, and more.

"Do you have a design in mind for your brand? Already started and need to expand? Our core team can help deliberate practical steps needed in order to move an idea from the mind, to the drawing table, to a business ready product, to the market for public engagement. You control the creative process, we help style, package, and send it.

OFFTHEGROUND helps build marketing material like commercials and handouts and can be of assistance in the delivery process so you and your team can focus on creating the product while we calculate when the next wave of college students or holiday aligns best with product announcements, but that's just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities.

Elevate Your Game

An OFFTHEGROUND membership gives you more than just a team of people who help build and curate a vision brought to us. We have a not-so-secret educative platform that helps learners navigate their world in an entirely new way. Thanks to Ri4CTV®, a business founded in Providence, RI, USA, creating the life we want has never been easier because of an incredible tool that was developed only dating back to 2017. We call this educative tool Thumoslang™, it is our way of accelerating personal and business development.

What is it? The short answer is the nomenclature for social life. Not easily comprehensible, right? The long answer is this, Thumoslang™ revalues and elevates our operating terms for looking at the world. It helps us look at the words with which we speak and live by, and by learning it do we not only sharpen our internal conversation to shape who we are more confidently, but we also sharpen our understanding of the world outside of ourselves, thus learning how to navigate through life in bolder fashion.

Expand Your Brand

Writing articles for publication is a great way to position as a figurehead in a field or industry and captivate readers’ attention. OFFTHEGROUND's core team is made up of published writers and website designers bringing with them the experience of storytelling, product management, and brand production. Do you want to improve your brands internet presence? We can upscale your SEO ranking. Considering bringing your idea to the market? We will focus on answering what your ideas purpose is and if it is readily consumable. Need specialists for a certain part of your creative process? It's here that specialists and freelancers are looking to connect, meaning you can find them yourself or we can connect you with the most relevant creatives either within our space or beyond. We are here to help connect and cultivate whether to grow or to enjoy the show.

Of course our services are available upon request, but if all you need is a powerfully unique platform to share your vision or a place to connect with others on your own time, OFFTHEGROUND is the space. Self-starters, independent workers, and autonomous groups all have a place here alongside anyone who seeks assistance in any stage of their journey as a brand.

The line of products we use to guide new brands is available for anyone to purchase and our phone lines are always free for conversation. Are you ready to get started? Click the conversation bubble or the "Get Started" button to get your dream OFF THE GROUND.

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