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Create Projects!

Projects are made available when an individual or group documents and presents the steps necessary to declare success. 

You have an idea that rocks? Let's talk about it! OTG members and OTG Staff are here to help you develop your idea and get the assistance you need.

This style of project building follows Bongo guidelines, meaning all projects you can join are built on the consistency of logic. Map out your vision and navigate it after defining pragmatic solutions. Bongo assists the creative process.

Project Application

The best resources can be each other when united for a great cause. Show art, film the streets, get something started to get others included. Making positive culture is the motto.


Working together is how it happens.


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Pick the project style best exemplifying your vision.
Pick the project deliverable(s) best exemplifying your goal.

OFFTHEGROUND is here to work with you so you can focus on your goals better.

Hey, ever hear the idiom, "wear many hats?" That's a phrase for describing someone who has many responsibilities.

Co-Develop a strategy, thoughtfully deliberate tasks, and bring up a seat to join this evergrowing table.

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